• Technolgy is
    our Passion

    With over 30 years of experience, we take an active managerial role in
    designing, planning and executing our digital tranformation strategies

  • Our Curiosity is Stronger
    than Our Desire to Sleep

    With over 30 years of managerial experience, we support and provide consultancy
    in finding innovative technology to ensure a bright future for your enterprise

  • The Future is Yours

    With over 30 years of managerial experience, innovative and
    technology oriented companies will be part of our shared future.

Top Priority Topics for the Future of Your Enterprise

These Questions Sound Familiar to You...

What do we like to achieve with Kalny Future Business?

We want to shape the future of Austrian and European enterprises in economical and social aspects by handling strategic and technological topics with passion and appropriate knowledge.

What can Kalny Future Business do for me?

KFB is providing following service for you: Consulting and management services on creating, planning and executing digital transformation strategies with strong focus on digital economy, robotics process automation for backoffice processes, applications of artificial intelligence, cybernetics, blockchains, cryptography as well as general methodological support for process and project management, change management, and knowledge management.

What kind of value may I expect by deploying innovative technologies?

Applying sound methodoligical execution, the following values can be achieved:

. Improve productivity of your staff
. Increase quality of your processes
. Develop additional ressources through freeing your staff from routine work
. Increase overall employee satisfaction
. Improve data security to meet requirements be compliance and governance
. Reduce process costs
. Improve ROI of your innovative technology investments through methodological implementation

What do I need to take care of?

To support your innovation projects and guarentee successful execution, consider following lessons learnt:

. Organize your project in a sound methodological manner.
. Take decisions on priorities and stay committed to them.
. Dedicate ressources that meets the requirements best and try cover them appropriately.
. Put focus on an appropriate process modelling and documentation.
. Involve all relevant stakeholders and inform them on an open and regular basis.
. This is especially true for your involved employees.
. Attach importance to a consistent project controlling that will check and report milestones, consumed ressources and costs on a regular basis.
. Celebrate successful project ending with all parties involved.

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